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Organizing Data in Astronomy: in the Way for a Standardized Procedure

doi: 10.6062/jcis.2015.06.02.0094(Free PDF)


João Luiz Kohl Moreira, Reinaldo R. de Carvalho


We discuss the world wide fast increasing mass of astronomical data and the importance of taking in account these properly storing and retrieving data procedures, since data is the most important com13 ponent in the science context, understood as an empirical investigative process. A scheme of a procedure of systematically storing data is presented. We understand the need for organizing data in order to make the interaction astronomer - database easier. We introduce the framework of a universal program for storing data in a structured database, independently of the data type, provided they are in ASCII format. Guidelines to interact with this program is presented.


Astronomical databases: miscellaneous; Big Data; Catalogs; Data Analysis; Semiotics.


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