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Probing cosmology in the outskirts of galaxy clusters

doi: 10.6062/jcis.2016.07.01.0104

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A. P. A. Andrade, A. L. B. Ribeiro and P. A. A. Lopes


We study a sample of 183 galaxy clusters over a scale of ≤ 6 Mpc to investigate the structure of peculiar velocity field around these systems in order to explore the outskirts of galaxy clusters as cosmological probe for dark energy candidates. We find the velocity profiles around the virial radii of the clusters and compare observational data and theory for a ΛCDM model and a dynamical dark energy model, such as Chevallier- Polarski-Linder parametrization. We find differences higher than 12 percent between ΛCDM and CPL models for R/RV ≥ 5.0 Mpc. These differences exceeds the 2 σ margin around the theoretical profile given by the infall collapse model, suggesting that the velocity field in the outskirts of galaxy clusters can be usefull to investigate cosmological models only in observational ranges ≥ 5.0 Mpc..


Large scale structures; Observational cosmology; Model comparison; Computational astronomy.


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