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The nonlinear dynamics of a bistable energy harvesting system with colored noise disturbances

doi: 10.6062/jcis.2019.10.03.0166

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V. G. Lopes, J. V.L.L. Peterson and  A. Cunha Jr.


This paper deals with the nonlinear stochastic dynamics of a piezo- electric energy harvesting system subjected to a harmonic external excitation disturbed by a Gaussian colored noise. A parametric analysis is conducted, where the effects of the standard deviation and the correlation time of colored noise on the system response are investi- gated. The numerical results suggests a strong influence of noise on the system response for higher values of correlation time and standard deviation, and a low (noise level independent) influence for low values of correlation time.


energy harvesting, nonlinear dynamics, stochastic dy- namics, bistable systems, piezoelectricity.


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