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Volume 7 , Issue 3 (Nov/Dec 2016)

110. Partition of online social networks using simulations based on chainable processing modules.
A.F. de Angelis, G. O.Neto, R. M. Alonso and R. P. Paschoaletto
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2016.07.03.0110 (Status: Discussion Paper(Free PDF))

111. File Transfer Log Analysis: A meteorological data center case study

I. Koga and E.S. Almeida
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2016.07.03.0111 (Free PDF)

112.Exoplanet Classification with Data Mining
I. dos Santos, A. Valio, N. Omar and A.H.F. Guimarães
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2016.07.03.0112 (Free PDF))

113. A hybrid approach based on Projections Onto Convex Sets for Spatial and Spectral Super-Resolution

B.A. da Cunha and M.R.P. Homem
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2016.07.03.0113 (Status: Discussion Paper(Free PDF))

114. Improving galaxy morphology with machine learning

P.H. Barchi, F.G. Costa, R. Sautter, T. C. Moura, D. H. Stalder, R. R. Rosa, R. R. de Carvalho,
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2016.07.03.0114 (Status: Discussion Paper(Free PDF))

115. Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Spatially Extended Digital Surfaces: the Classification Process of 1/f Noise and Computacional Performance

V. C. O de Souza and A. T. Assireu,
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2016.07.03.0115 (Status: Discussion Paper(Free PDF))

Discussion Paper

into the context of JCIS, is a scientific article that, for its important content and unpublished findings, has been accepted for publication and therefore already has its own JCIS-DOI. However, following the understanding of the editor-­‐in-­‐chief, it is an article that can be improved before being considered for publication in its ultimate version. In this period of discussion (maximum 12 months), any researcher related to the subject can participate by sending precise suggestions that are able to improve the scientific content of the article (which, at the discretion of the responsible editor-­‐in-­‐chief may or may not be forwarded to the authors). This new model aims to allow the article to reach its maximum level of quality when the community understands that this has not yet been reached. If you fell it is your competence and want to send a suggestion to improve a DP, please send us your comments in free format to jcis@epacis.net with the subject "On the discussion paper doi: 10.6062/jcis.xxxx.xx.xx.xxxx"

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Combining wavelets and linear spectral mixture model for MODIS satellite sensor time-series analysis
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0005
Freitas and Shimabukuro(Free PDF)

Riddled basins in complex physical and biological systems
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2009.01.02.0009
Viana et al.(Free PDF)

Use of ordinary Kriging algorithm and wavelet analysis to understanding the turbidity behavior in an Amazon floodplain
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0006
Alcantara.(Free PDF)

A new multi-particle collision algorithm for optimization in a high performance environment
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0001
Luz et al.((Free PDF)

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