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Volume 8 , Issue 2, Pages 053-123 (Jul/Aug 2017)

122. Simulation of fluid dynamics and CO2 gas exchange in the alveolar sacs of the human lung
Pages 053-068
L. J. Caucha, O. Rubio and A.R. Carranza.
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2017.08.02.0122 (Free PDF)

123. 3D Medical Image Registration using Mutual Information and Scatter Search
Pages 069-078
G. A. Gimenez, L. Lopez, P. P. Cespedes, J. Lima and D. P. Pinto-Roa.
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2017.08.02.0123 (Free PDF)

124. Determination of Cardiac Ejection Fraction by Electrical Impedance Tomography using Simulation Models and Computational Intelligence
Pages 079-088
T. Fonseca, L. Campos, F. Peters and L.P. da Silva.
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2017.08.02.0124 (Free PDF)

125. Tomographic reconstruction using incremental and NFFT methods
Pages 089-098
C. de Lima and E.H. Salomão Neto.
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2017.08.02.0125 (Free PDF)

126. Real-Time Cubesat Thermal Simulation using Artificial Neural Networks
Pages 099-108
J. D. Reis Junior, A. M. Ambrosio and F. L. de Sousa
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2017.08.02.0126 (Free PDF)

127. On control strategy for stagnated GMRES (m)
Pages 109-118
J. C. Cabral, P. Torres and C. E. Schaerer.
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2017.08.02.0127 (Free PDF)

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Combining wavelets and linear spectral mixture model for MODIS satellite sensor time-series analysis
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0005
Freitas and Shimabukuro(Free PDF)

Riddled basins in complex physical and biological systems
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2009.01.02.0009
Viana et al.(Free PDF)

Use of ordinary Kriging algorithm and wavelet analysis to understanding the turbidity behavior in an Amazon floodplain
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0006
Alcantara.(Free PDF)

A new multi-particle collision algorithm for optimization in a high performance environment
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0001
Luz et al.((Free PDF)

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