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TaxonomyBrowser: a biodiversity data management system

doi: 10.6062/jcis.2011.02.01.0030(Free PDF)


Denison L.M. Tavares, Samantha C. Cañete, Rafael Henkin, Pedro C. Estrela, Thales R.O. Freitas, Renata Galante and Carla M. Dal Sasso Freitas


This paper describes the main components of a biodiversity information system aimed at integrating visualization and data analysis tools with data management functions provided by relational databases. The system TaxonomyBrowser has the goal of aiding biologists in the management of data about specimens they collect in field work as well as serving to catalog specimens found in museums collections. The integration with map visualization and data analysis tools, through the Google Maps API and the R System, respectively, widens the application of the system.


Biodiversity management systems, information visualization.


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