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Gradient pattern analysis for topological feature extraction in the cosmic microwave background maps

doi: 10.6062/jcis.2014.05.01.0078


R. R. Rosa et. al.


We simulate, using the implicit eigenmodes formalism (IEF) recently introduced by Gomero & Hipólito-Ricaldi,the cosmic microwave background temperature maps in /CDM universes considering a nontrivial (cylindrical)spatial topology. Requiring the pixels to be as uniform and circular as possible, the 2D-maps are projected using the Igloo pixelization. The equator temperature fluctuation profiles, from each simulated map, are analyzed applying the gradient pattern analysis technique. Based on the values of temperature asymmetries we compare a set of topologically trivial maps with a set of topologically nontrivial (cylindrical) maps generated by different random seeds. Our preliminary results show that the topological signature is detected in the maps by the asymmetries computed throughout the gradient pattern analysis.



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