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Volume 4, Issue 1 (March/Apr 2013)

Editorial Note

Page 1
Cesar Caretta
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2013.04.01.EN009(Free PDF)

64. Construction of training catalogue and automated classi cation of infrared spectra of galaxies using unsupervised neural networks
V. Guzman et. al.
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2013.04.01.0064(Status: Discussion Paper)

65. Automatic spectral classification using artificial neural networks and their application to distance determination
S. Navarro, L. J. Corral , M. de los A. Isidro, C. G. Padilla
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2013.04.01.0065(Status: Discussion Paper)

66. Xitris: Software to Acquire, Display, Compress and Publicate Data in Real Time in Distributive Mode
V. de la Luz and A. Lara
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2013.04.01.0066(Free PDF)

67. Hydrodynamic transfer function associated to a Rotating Disk Electrode in the presence of a viscosity gradient
N.A. Leite, O.E. Barcia, O.R. Mattos, J. Pontes and N. Mangiavacchi
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2013.04.01.0067(Free PDF)

68. Modeling Stellar Atmospheres with PHOENIX
D. Jack, P. H. Hauschildt and E. Baron
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2013.04.01.0068(Free PDF)

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Combining wavelets and linear spectral mixture model for MODIS satellite sensor time-series analysis
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0005
Freitas and Shimabukuro(Free PDF)

Riddled basins in complex physical and biological systems
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2009.01.02.0009
Viana et al.(Free PDF)

Use of ordinary Kriging algorithm and wavelet analysis to understanding the turbidity behavior in an Amazon floodplain
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0006
Alcantara.(Free PDF)

A new multi-particle collision algorithm for optimization in a high performance environment
doi: 10.6062/jcis.2008.01.01.0001
Luz et al.((Free PDF)

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